Jan 10, 2016

One very good reason why you should stop at Aung Pan while visiting Kalaw or Pindaya

Aung Pan is not only famous for “Khaw Pot” local snack made from sticky rice, but also for potato chips. Potato Chips are one of a kind that once you start, you can’t stop munching till you finish the whole pack. It is also a very good gift for friends if you could manage to bring them without crushing during your flight or express back home.

During our visit to Aung Pan, we stopped at this particular shop called “ Maet Ma Ya” which means “unforgettable”. Indeed, tasty and crunchy potato chips are unforgettable to be able to remind me to write about it 2 months after the trip. I bought more than 10 packs as gifts for my friends. Maet Ma Ya sells normal potato chips, spicy potato chips and sweet potato chips. They also showcase different wine bottles from Kalaw and Taunggyi but also Burmese Green Tea from Pin Laung. 

Aung Pan is the town at  the intersection of Kalaw, Pindaya, Taunggyi and Inle Lake where overnight buses normally stop for passengers to refresh. 

Inle Lake, Myanmar

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