Travel Tips - Burmese People

Travelling to Myanmar 101

Burmese People

Burmese people are the most genuine, friendly, warm-hearted and amazingly beautiful people. Not one will turn you away when you need help and hardly anyone will try to short change you or be cheeky in a transaction. They are so fascinated by the presence of outsiders, that you can see the sheer excitement on their faces. Smile and say hello, shake hands, hug, exchange e-mail addresses and revel in the wonderful reaction you get back.

Kissing Noise

Don’t be Offended When Locals Make a Kissing Noise: This is in no way a derogatory sound aimed at you*, but the Myanmar way of calling attention. It’s actually rather fascinating and you realise, when trying to practice yourself , that you can’t quite do it as loudly and precisely as them.