Travel Tips - Cash Money

Traveling to Myanmar

Cash Money

Unlike any other land (sarcastically quoting Rudyard Kipling's poem on Myanmar), no one in Myanmar will accept your dollars that are not in perfect condition (No fold, tears, marks or stains). It is very important as the dollars that are not in conditions are as good as toilet paper in Myanmar.

Rough conversion for a dollar to kyat is 1000 kyats to the dollar even though at these days (as of 10th Jan 2015) the conversion rate is up to 1 USD = 1040 kyats . Some tourists bring a mix of small and big notes. They use the small notes for payments in USD payments and big notes for money exchange as better exchange rate is offered in Myanmar for USD 100 notes. Government-run services (such as archaeological sites, museums and ferries) accommodations and flights are paid for in US dollars. Items such as meals, bus tickets, trishaw or taxi rides, bottles of water or beer and market items are usually quoted in kyats.