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Currency Exchange

In Myanmar, money exchange counters are officially buying and selling the following currencies :

1. American Dollars (USD)

2. Singaporean Dollars (SGD) and

3. Euros (€)

If your home currency is other than above three, please change it into USD either at your home town, or at transit cities such as Singapore and Bangkok so that you could change it back to local currency (Kyats) in Myanmar.

Unlike the rumors, Myanmar currently has many licensed money exchange counters in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake. There are money changers at airports that offers good rate and reliable services, and now money exchange can be done in many banks in town as well.  Opening hours varies from 9 AM to 6 PM, however, we do not have 24 hour money changers in any of the town yet. It’s safest to change money at banks, hotels and shops, rather than on the street. The moneychangers standing around just east of the Mahabandoola Garden in Yangon have a reputation for short-changing new arrivals for several thousand kyat. Therefore, you need to change money after office hours, hotels would be the safest places to do so but the rate that hotel offers may not be the best rate.  (To see the list of money exchange counters in major tourist destinations please click here. ) Many travellers do exchanging money in big cities such as Yangon and Mandalay, where you can get about 100 kyats more per dollar than elsewhere, then carry the stacks of kyat for a couple of weeks around the country. Considering the relative safety from theft, it’s not a bad idea, but you can exchange money elsewhere.

We have also collected and share the exchange counters list from major cities as follow.

Money Exchange Counters in Inle 

Money Exchange Counters in Bagan 

Money Exchange Counters in Yangon 

Money Exchange Counters in Mandalay