South Eastern Myanmar

Mawlamyaing (Malmein)

Often under shadowed by its big sister cities Yangon and Mandalay, Mawlamyaing has some unique qualities of its own to appreciate. The city's legacy as the first British administration capital can be relished through its deteriorating colonial buildings and Setse beach, a vacation hotspot since the 19th century. Visitors often head to Win Sein Yaw to experience the largest reclining Buddha in the country. This 600 feet giant is found amidst mountain and lush, green fields. You can inspect a museum complete with dioramas of Buddha's teaching within it. For a more solemn look at its past, you can remember the fallen at the Thanbyuzayat war memorial where the graves of 3,770 allied soldiers who died under the inhumane conditions during the construction of the 'death railway' lie.

Hpa An

Hpa An is the quiet capital of Kayin State with a rather small town feel. The main attractions here are found in the outskirts of town where its natural beauty have captivated tourists. Kawgun Cave is one such attraction, located in its remote hills. It houses the rich gallery of ancient Buddhist art dating back to the 7th century engraved on its limestone rock. From there, you can head to Mount ZweKabin, one of the most revered mountains in the country where a pagoda sits atop. It is a 2 hour hike up, but a cable car is also available. The mountain also houses caverns where special surprises await for its curious visitors, such as a vast collection of identical Buddha statues hidden within one of its caves.


Dawei is growing tropical, seaside town with a reputation for being the economic hub in Thanintharyi Division's coastal region. The locals here make a living by fishing and exporting all types of sea life such as lobsters, jellyfish, and prawn. This goes without saying, the restaurants here serve up some of the most delicious and authentic seafood in the country. Unlike the commercial beaches elsewhere, the seaside village of Maungamon enjoys a calm stretch of white sand, yet to be disturbed by the modern world. Just 10 miles from the city, this beach is home to a community of fishermen who journey into the sea daily with old-fashioned, wooden boats.


Kawthaung, being the southernmost town in Myanmar and an entry point to the country, has busy waterfronts with boats coming and going day in and day out. It is from this town you can have access to other stunning destinations located within 30 minutes from its busy port. You can charter boats to Myeik Archipelago for sea activites, to Ranong, Thailand for shopping or to the newly built Adaman Club Resort Hotel on Thahtay Kyun Island to try your luck in its renowned casino.